Episode 31: Oh Noah, not Rodent Teeth!

After a month long hiatus, Darren and John return, with this overlong, self-important, dull and portentous episode. News from the World of News includes the best and worst of teeth at the SVPCA, deer-cow hybrids (or as we call them "cows"), Transylvanian pturtles, some expert FU on antlers.

Cash for Questions includes the sauropod respiratory system, and a spinoff discussion on size, (we're still not sure which) Planet of the Apes, the ever-changing head of Quetzalcoatlus, and another round on tyrannosaur arms.

Finally, an extended rant on one of the worst films we've ever seen, Noah (2013). Surprising verdict: they should have stuck closer to the Bible. The best review is here. Darren: 3/10, John: 1/10. 

Download here.