Episode 20: Locked in TetZoo Towers!

In this all-singing, all question-answering episode, Darren and John discuss baby-saving birds (photos), the sociability of varanids, whether other tetrapods could have evolved to fill our niche, whether four limbs make you a tetrapod, and, of course, the most flammable tetrapods. Also, the new Godzilla trailer, why Darren is locked in his house, and Darren's heartfelt and powerful rendition of the TetZoo Time theme tune.

Thanks to all those who provided Cash for Questions!, donations and bought our stuff. A couple of C4Q!s were kicked into next episode, so stay tuned for those.

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Episode 19: Sillysaurus Answers your Cash for Questions!

Darren and John do some followup, and then move on to so many Cash for Questions!, including: why there aren't primates in North America or Europe, no ground sloths in the Old World and woolly rhinos in the new, the taxonomic status of Pristichampsus, predatory mimicry, and the new big sillysaurid.

A big thank you to people that donated, especially recurrurs, and those that bribed us to answer their questions.

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Episode 18: At Least We Remembered Our Birthday

Tetrapodcats turns one today! Darren and John largely fail to remember anything about the year of podcatsing past, instead relentlessly chase down tangent after tangent. The sad case of the axolotl leads to a long tangent on conservation, and a bunch of other things which are difficult to recall right now. Our Cash for Question(s)! is on speciation, which of course leads to discussion of how attractive donkeys find horses. More listener questions and then plaintive pleas for recurring donations.

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Episode 17: Questions of Fuzz, Death, and Tuskses

Darren and John discuss the 8th birthday of TetZoo, fish (why?), and Darren's new paper on fossil bird behaviour before moving on to Cash for Questions!, which include why female asian elephants lack tusks, why mammals did so well after the K/Pg extinction, and what the deal is with archosaur integument. The questions are discussed at length but none are answered satisfactorily.* 

Also, Tetrapod Zoology Podcast t-shirts, and TetZoo Time!

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*No refunds, all answers are final.

Episode 16: The Dividulation of Smaug

Darren and John fail to introduce Episode 16, in which they discuss conjoined whales, ramble in an uninformed way about genetic chimera, and discuss whether new tapirs are interesting (Darren says YES). Also Bigfoot (again) the Minnesota Ice Man, and much discussion of the work of Weta, the workshop behind the creatures in many a Peter Jackson film.

The making of the Weta Workshop eagles is here.

We are introducing a new scheme: Cash for Questions! Send us a donation and we will cover a topic of your choice, guaranteed.* (*Terms and conditions apply, not a guarantee.)

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Episode 8: Birds and Underwear on the Outside

In this, the shortest ever Tetrapodcat, Darren watches birds while John mulls over the state of underwear in superheroes. We talk about bird behaviour, bird gut evolution, and Superman, a film neither of us has actually seen. Also, annoying hints at our top secret book.


Mark Witton's "What Daleks, xenomorphs and slasher movies tell us about palaeoart"

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Episode 7: Monster Tetrapodcats

Darren and John are joined by special guest podcat Blake Smith, sceptic of note and co-host of the Monster Talk podcast. We discuss the best of Rios and the worst of Rios, cryptozoology, cartoons, and Cloverfield.

Why you should ignore Dave Peters ReptileEvolution.com.

The charming snake handler Raymond Hoser "training" young women in... err, something (again, and again, and again) . He also had his 10 year-old daughter bitten by a snake to prove a point. Nice fella, please ignore his taxonomy.

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Episode 5: You Sexy Thing

Darren and John discuss sexual selection in dinosaurs, the morality of The Thing and the perpetual debate on what is canon. Live Twitter (hashtag #tetrapodcats, typo deliberate) questions include a very serious question from Mark Witton and invasive species during the Cretaceous. Thanks to all those who donated, and put the podcast in profit, we're going to Vegas! (No, we're not.)

Episode 4: Tetrapodcats Jurassic Snark

In this shambolic episode Darren and John do a little Bigfoot followup, and then ramble on about movies. Surprisingly, there's some good podcastin' on Jurassic Park in here, as Darren picks it apart, piece by tiny piece. Also a live listener question on Alien.

Daniel Loxton and Donald Prothero's Abominable Science!: Origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and Other Famous Cryptids.

Sharon Hill's discussion of our Bigfoot episode on IDoubtIt.

Episode 4 Delayed

Sorry to all those who rely on us keeping a regular schedule to set their atomic clocks by, but the 4th episode of the podcast will be delayed for a couple of weeks. This is due to Darren having a cough, and then being away. Obviously, this is a little frustrating because the last episode was delayed due to me (John) having the flu. Blame this endless winter.

In the future, I'm thinking about ways to get the show on a reliable regular schedule. Probably the best thing to do is record several episodes in one sitting, when we both have the chance. Obviously, this would reduce the topicality of the show, but I suspect that's not why people listen anyway.

So, we'll have an episode for you shortly after Darren returns on the 14th. We'll be discussing follow up to the Bigfoot show, so, if you have any questions or comments you'd like us to cover, let us know!