Episode 40: Darren Heard an Owl, John Saw a Dog in a Jumper, but No One has Seen a Monkey Playing a Banjo

It’s the big four-oh, and FU is a complete mess: Red Letter Media guy, Rio 2, How Big is Texas (bigger or smaller than France !), Spotted owlet. News from World of Darren & John includes the news from The Scholarly Research of the Anomalous Conference, and John's new Twitter handle (@thejohnconway).

News from World of News includes, Eotaria, Purussaurus bite strength, diverse docodonts, BD in Madagascar, and the the passing of Stephen Czerkas, Vladimir Krb, Eugenie Clark, and Leonard Nimoy.

Cash for Questions! include aquatic sloths, the musical ability of tetrapods, and how to respond to cranks (with a nice little excursion into x-came-first hypotheses).

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