Episode 41: Forward-Staring Goats

Brace yourselves listeners, as we MOVE THE SEGMENTS AROUND. First up is Cash for Questions! with the gait of synapsids, the homology of scales, and Myotragus and the giant Minorcan lagomorphs. 

News From World of Darren & John includes the new short-necked azhdarchid and News From World of News include a new tapir, a (not new) albino tapir, theropod neoflightlessness from Feduccia & Czerkas, and Carnufex.

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Episode 40: Darren Heard an Owl, John Saw a Dog in a Jumper, but No One has Seen a Monkey Playing a Banjo

It’s the big four-oh, and FU is a complete mess: Red Letter Media guy, Rio 2, How Big is Texas (bigger or smaller than France !), Spotted owlet. News from World of Darren & John includes the news from The Scholarly Research of the Anomalous Conference, and John's new Twitter handle (@thejohnconway).

News from World of News includes, Eotaria, Purussaurus bite strength, diverse docodonts, BD in Madagascar, and the the passing of Stephen Czerkas, Vladimir Krb, Eugenie Clark, and Leonard Nimoy.

Cash for Questions! include aquatic sloths, the musical ability of tetrapods, and how to respond to cranks (with a nice little excursion into x-came-first hypotheses).

Darren and John now both have Patreon rewards that include free Cash for Questions! Support Darren here, and John here.

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Episode 39: #Batfacts #Podcats

In this #batfacts episode, FU Darren, Rio stars a cockatoo, more  #Batfacts and other #hashtags: #BuildaBetterFakeTheropod and #TetZooNameGame.  News From World of News includes #SaveDippy, Finding Bigfoot UK, Jurassic snakes, Hume’s owl revelation, and shock of the century, a new tapir! Cash for questions include whether Godzilla should have feathers, archaeocryptozoology and parthenogenesis.

This episode's Popular Tat is the film Lucy, which was not popular with us (especially not Darren):

Darren: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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Episode 38: A Not Too Shabby Podcarts

In this not to shabby episode, FU on Planet of the Apes, Darren talks to school kids, Scholarly Research of the Anomalous Conference, FROGS, Tet Zoo 9th birthday. News from world of news is Darren's take on Conquest of the Skies David Attenborough series (not too shabby).

Cash for Questions! include why archosaur replaced synapsids in the Triassic, what the adaptive advantage is of being able to regenerate limbs, and Darren's opinion on the film Rio (terrible).

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Episode 37: Dawn of the Planet of the Non-Homo sapiens Apes

In this Best Dinosaur episode, FU includes cassowaries, ‘Labrodon’, liberal Hollywood, and gull feet. News from Darren & John includes Darren the cruisemeister, Big Book, what’s at Tet Zoo, FROGS, Tet Zoo's birthday, and no news from John. News from World of News  whips by with the two minute rule in effect, with Rue Pei et al. new Microraptor, bird phylogeny papers, Koschowitz et al. vs Mayr on feathers, Aquilops, dwarf elephant, no polar bear in yeti DNA.

Cash for questions include what the best dinosaur is, the social structure of dinosaurian groups, and the rights and wrongs of keeping whales and reptiles in captivity.

For Popular tat: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Darren: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
John: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆


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Episode 35: Even the least doggy of dogs look like doggy-dogs

In this shockingly normal-length episode, we have more FU on freediving, how to Patreonise Darren, Archelosauria, Vintana the gondwanathere, and Cartorhynchus. Our C4Q this episode is about the possible switcheroo of hyenas and dogs in their cursorial and borophagian ways. Also fairy tales, including a discussion on Maleficent.

All wrapped up with an anecdote from Uncle Darren. Yay.

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Episode 34: What the Hell?

In this thrilling and unbelievably long episode, FU dumbass Darren! Lungs & diving, Star Wars screwup again, re-wilding & ecotourism, and a plethora of other things Darren got wrong. News from World of Darren & John includes the Shanklin croc, multituberculates, and the Tet Zoo wiki.

Cash for Questions! include "what the hell is going on over there?", and what the deal is with sail-backed animals. 

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Episode 33: Uncle Darren Loves Animals

John and Darren launch into followup, which is mostly about how big legs are or aren't. News of the world of Darren and John and also News include our palaeoart article, Darren’s lament, kangaroos that didn't hop or did, podcats reviewed at Li’L Box Big Universe, and the Chickensaurus Event (#chickensaurus). 

Cash for Questions include our options on rewilding, and why mammals ain't got no no legs.

Stay tuned at the end for a special treat: Uncle Darren's Anecdotes, a new segment of Uncle Darren's witty and charming stories that are sure to delight you and the whole family.

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Episode 31: Oh Noah, not Rodent Teeth!

After a month long hiatus, Darren and John return, with this overlong, self-important, dull and portentous episode. News from the World of News includes the best and worst of teeth at the SVPCA, deer-cow hybrids (or as we call them "cows"), Transylvanian pturtles, some expert FU on antlers.

Cash for Questions includes the sauropod respiratory system, and a spinoff discussion on size, (we're still not sure which) Planet of the Apes, the ever-changing head of Quetzalcoatlus, and another round on tyrannosaur arms.

Finally, an extended rant on one of the worst films we've ever seen, Noah (2013). Surprising verdict: they should have stuck closer to the Bible. The best review is here. Darren: 3/10, John: 1/10. 

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Episode 30: Live in the pub, wobbles, falls over

Live Google Hangouts are hard. Too hard for us. After the technical collapse of the Google Hangout, we decided to record locally and put up what we had. Recording locally is hard too (apparently), and much of it was lost. Finally, the batteries in our laptops died, and that was that. 

However, we did manage to record some followup (antlers), the ethics of killing animals because you're interested in them, Darren and Memo's talks at LonCon 3, and finally, a pseudo cash for question from new listener John Conway, what is the most boring Tetrapod?

We will be returning to normal format for episode 31, with proper followup and all you Cash for Questions!

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Prelude to the live Episode 30

In a few hours, we will be recording Episode 30 of the podcats in The Old Ship, W6. You can watch the proceeding in a live Goole Hangout here.

We will be answering live questions, and playing the patented Nicklin/Keesey Drinking Game. The rules are as follows:

1: Darren gets the show number wrong - finish the drink.

2: Darren gets his name wrong - 1 shot.

3: A new tapir is discussed - 1 sip.

4: Darren gets a new paper out - 1 shot.

5: Darren and John get side tracked into a discussion of fish - 1 shot.

6: Darren raises a TV show/film that John hasn't seen - 1 sip.

7: John has major issues with the film Darren raises - 1 sip.

8: Darren and John have to spend time clarifying which reboot/sequel/prequel they are discussing - 1 shot 

9: John offers opinion on film he hasn't seen - 1 shot.

10: .....and it's positive - finish the drink.

11: Question is ultimately answered "we don't know" - 1 shot

12: Genetics get referred to in a confused way - 1 shot.

13: Genetics get referred to in a coherent and intelligent way - finish the drink.

14: "Take that Keesey" - 1 shot.

15: Darren and/or John mispronounce someone's name - 1 sip.

16: David Peters is referenced - a cry of "Boo" must be uttered and a shot taken to expunge the memory.

17: Darren locks himself in/gets pestered by a pet/rung up/answers door - 1 shot.

18: John gets a delivery - 1 shot.

19: Apologies are made for/discussion of a technical fault - 1 shot.

20: Permian Bears! - finish the drink.

21: Darren makes an arithmetical error - 1 shot.

22: John says "maybe it's..." - 1 shot.

23: Any mention of episode 13 - 3 shots.

24: Episode 13 is released - finish the shelf.

25: Any species known to have been shot by Teddy Roosevelt is mentioned - 1 shot.

26: Debate of species concept - all groan "not again", and take 2 shots.

27: MC extinction time - everybody stop, and take 1 sip.

28: Permian/Triassic extinction - finish the drink.

29: Feathers on dinosaurs in art/bunny hands - 1 sip.

30: The infamous croc skulls are finally identified anywhere in the Tetzooniverse - finish the drink.

31: Darren makes reference to an unpublished yet earth-shattering result - 1 shot.

32: Heine the unprovable hypothesis Yeti becomes a meme and is referenced - 1 shot.

33: John hurries Darren along on time - 1 shot.

34: Darren hurries John - 3 shots.

35: David Marjanovic is mentioned - 3 shots.

36: Adventure time is referenced - 1 shot.

37: A guest is asked "do you lek breed"?

Drink "responsibly" - by Anglo-Australian definitions of the term.

Episode 29: Superheroes Hate Genetics

Episode 29 includes, are new tapirs really new?, a TetZooCon round up, a quick discussion of and many a cash for question. Questions include the usefulness to eve-devo to palaeontology, the advantage of antlerage, why pterosaurs are better than birds, and the confusing mess of ratite biogeography. 

John make a valiant attempt to get Darren to stop droning on and on about superheroes, but he can't be stopped.  So take that, podcats listeners.

Download here.

Episode 28: Sideways Nipply-Things

Darren and John cover some followup, including the usual unbelievably stupid mistakes Darren makes about little ratty things, and John's bungling at TetZoo Tech leading to everyone's email not being read over the last couple of months.

We then whip through some News from the World of News including nothosaur tracks, Australian newts, and some News from the World of Darren and John: the last chance to book TetZooCon.

This episode is rolling in Cash (for Questions!), including two questions on theropod forelimbs (why they are so awkward and small?) and two questions on the Squamozoic.

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Episode 27: Godzilla! Godzilla! Godzilla!

Darren and John discuss a Sussex big cat, the eating of a great white shark, punching in the face, Deinocheirus, and the Angeac dinosaur. Such pointless banter stops for the main event: GODZILLA. Thoughts and spoilers on three Godzilla films  (1954, 1998, 2014). Surprise! Darren and John disagree.

Godzilla (1954) ★★★★★
Godzilla (1998) ★
Godzilla (2014) ★★★★

Godzilla (1954) ★★★★★
Godzilla (1998) ★★★
Godzilla (2014) ★★

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